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Chad and Kelsey Chrisman are determined to get you to reach your goals.  They both have experience in training people of all ages and ability levels.  Their goal is to provide a safe, fun, challenging environment and create a community, not just a gym.

Meet the Team


Chad Chrisman

Owner/Strength Coach

Chad is from Tulare, CA.  He attended California State University, Fresno and received a bachelors in Pre-Physical Therapy and a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Physical Education.  He also holds a Masters of Arts in Kinesiology from Fresno Pacific University.  Chad holds certifications as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1, and USA Track and Field Level 1.  Post-rehab is a specialty of his, but loves working with all new and past athletes.


Kelsey Chrisman


Kelsey is a native of the Honey Creek/Brazito area, outside of Jefferson City, MO.  She attended Eugene High School, then went on to play softball at William Woods University.  Kelsey holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Sports Management from WWU.  She currently obtains a certification through Precision Nutrition.  Kelsey specializes in the overall health of women and how they can build strategies to fit their busy lives.


Macy Beck


Macy is from Taos, MO and graduated from Blair Oaks High School, and currently lives in St. Elizabeth with her husband, Connor. She is a Physical Therapy Assistant and has experience in kinesio taping, manual massage, and tai chi methods.  Macy has a passion for helping people and helping them achieve their goals.


McKenzie Haney


McKenzie is from Osage Bend, MO where she attended Blair Oaks High School. She then received a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science at Westminster College followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Missouri. Currently, McKenzie works as a full time physical therapist where she specializes in orthopedic injuries of all ages, pediatrics, and vestibular therapy. She now lives in Wardsville with her husband, Hayden. McKenzie loves being active and being outdoors. She has always had a passion for health and wellness, and she loves helping others reach their full potential through fitness and nutrition.

Yoga Specialist/Marketing

Amy Lee

Yoga Specialist/Marketing

Amy is from Jefferson City, MO where she attended Helias High School and Lincoln University, and currently resides with her husband and children. She holds a certification through the Dr Sears Wellness Institute for health & wellness coaching, and is a Certified Yoga Instructor with YogaFit and Holy Yoga. Her  specialties also include training in Yin, Touch, and Chair Yoga. Amy is passionate about helping others approach their health holistically, incorporating habits that benefit mind, body, and spirit.

About Us

How to Purchase a package/trial


Yoga Package

Buy 4 yoga sessions for $40. We invite you to this beautiful, peaceful experience with Amy Lee. Come to reset the mind and body, and leave filling fulfilled and at peace

Chair Yoga Package

Buy 4 sessions for $25. We invite you to try this out to increase mobility without adding more stress to the joints. This package is best for 45+ age group and can be beneficial for people who are less mobile.

60 Day Summer Special

60 Days for $100. Includes Unlimited Team Training and no contact or sign up fee.

Complete Trial

30 Days for $55. Experience Unlimited Team Training in our big group setting and Small Group where more advanced exercises are performed and in a more close-knit setting.

Unlimited Trial

30 Days for $40. Experience Unlimited Team Training in our fun, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Team Training Schedule

Core Values

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Kara Daly

Braxton Nicks

Kim Pragman


From her mother, Kristin: “I

appreciate all that you do for Kara.

It’s so nice to have someone who is

knowledgable about what they do, as

well as caring. IFP understands all of

the different areas of fitness, and

because of this I know that kara will

be able to achieve her goals and

dreams. because of what IFP knows, I

know my kid is going to be prepared as

she can to be the best possible

athlete she can be.”


Kim Pragman

Braxton Nicks

Kim Pragman


My experience with Ignite has been

life changing. I have gone from

dreading exercise to now dreading

when I miss a day in the gym. They

are constantly challenging us to

push ourselves and create an

environment where we are all like

family. I have lost weight, gained

knowledge in nutrition, and feel

stronger. The best decision I made

was trying out a class, and now i’m



Braxton Nicks

Braxton Nicks

Braxton Nicks


IFP is the best! Chad and Kelsey truly

care about each person that steps into

their gym, and their attention to detail

is immaculate. For years I have been

performing exercises on my own that

would cause pain. I thought that was

normal, but IFP showed me how to

perform exercises the proper way,

which led to a decrease in “Normal”

pain. Being a member of Ignite plays a

major role in helping me reach my

physical, mental, and nutritional goals.

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